UPDATED AUG 1st, 2020

To our beloved clients… firstly, we must say, we are so sympathetic that you and your family have been forced to reconsider your event plans. We understand this is not easy and know that you have devoted time, money, and energy into plans that are now changing. That said, we are doing our absolute best to accommodate our clients’ needs on an individual basis. 

In order to be fair and consistent, we have updated this policy and FAQ page several times since the start of the COVID scare. We pledge to be compassionate and accommodating. Simultaneously, we ask that you understand that our business (and industry), has been devastated. We must take firm measures to ensure the future of our business. Most of our clients have been receptive and understanding. We ask you to realize our goal is to “weather the storm” and continue to bring positivity to our past, present, and future clientele.

Below is a list of our policies in a FAQ format:


Q: Can I postpone my event?

A: Yes, we understand that this is a really tough decision that you have to make and the Xplosive and A-Sharp teams are dedicated to help you make these tough decisions with sympathy and flexibility. We ask that you postpone your event within 18 months from the original date and that you keep your similar “day of the week.”  To lock down this transfer of event date, we ask that you sign a new agreement as well as make an additional deposit towards your event’s total balance. This new deposit is NOT a penalty.  It will act as an additional payment towards your contracted amount lowering your final balance.


Q: How much is the “additional deposit” if I postpone?

A: The deposit will be $1000 or the amount that brings you to 50% of your balance paid (whichever amount is higher). If your event is already paid in excess of 50% of your total balance, you will not be required to make any additional payments.

Ex: Your package is $6000; your first deposit was $1000 making your remaining balance $5000. Your additional deposit required is $2000 making your total amount paid 50% of your total package price.


Q: Why do I have to make an additional deposit?

A: We understand that this pandemic has turned most worlds upside-down. We at Xplosive and A-Sharp are dedicated to weathering this storm and maintaining a high level of customer care throughout the process.  With so few events during quarantine, this second deposit allows us to continue to make operational payments which keeps your planning process seamless. We thank you for your support and understanding.


Q: If I decide to cancel my event, can I receive a refund on my payments made?

A: Across the nation, the industry standard is no.  Deposits and signed contracts are in place to ensure you are guaranteed that we hold a date and talent for you.  Conversely, these deposits ensure us that we have a financial commitment which protects us when we hold a date, talent and equipment for a client’s event.  Deposits are also used to pay sales commission, credit card processing, hourly admin invested in your event, and much more.  Per your signed agreement, deposits are non-refundable. We realize this situation is one that could not have been predicted, therefore we ask for your understanding and compliance to the in-place policy.   Our team is committed to handling these delicate situations with care, while considering the health of the company in the process. We pledge to allow your current payments to be used as “in-house” credit towards a future event for your immediate family for another event (at equal or greater value) within 18 months of the original contracted date. 


Q: How far in advance can I inquire about postponing my event?

A: Our line of communication is always available to you. Feel free to reach out at any time for guidance and professional consultation. With that said, you are able to make a change to your events date no sooner than 4 months prior to your current event date.  This still gives you ample time to send out invitations and plan accordingly.  If you are interested in postponing an event that is currently more than four months away, please realize that the government has not yet mandated rulings about the ability to hold events and therefore we must uphold the current contracted plans. 


Q: What if my MC talent is not available for my new date?

A: We pride ourselves on the depth of our talent. We will work with you to ensure you have a quality MC of similar experience. You will have the ability to make a request from the available talent roster for our consideration when reassigning your event’s talent. We will do our absolute best to accommodate these requests.  If the MC of your choice is not available on a rescheduled date, this does not provide you the opportunity to void a contract.  


Q: What if I don’t have a date in mind to postpone to?

A: We will give you the ability to leave an “open ended” date for up to 18 months from your original date. We understand that this is a tough time and uncertainty is one of the main stressors that our clients and families are facing. We hope this option provides some flexibility. Please note, that without a date on our calendar, talent requests become harder to accommodate.


Q:  What if I want to keep my existing date with hopes of being able to celebrate as planned, but I feel more comfortable with you holding a backup date?

A:  We will allow up to ONE back up date to be “penciled” into the calendar as a courtesy.  This will loosely hold your requested talent for a new date giving you the first right of refusal if another client requests this new date.  


Q: Can I change my package so that I can comply with regulations set by my local government/event space?

A: Of course! we have amazing options for social distance compliance as well as incredible live-streaming platforms. We require that when considering manipulating your packaging that you keep your original financial threshold and not reduce the committed package value.  We are invested in producing amazing events within these guidelines, feel free to inquire about some creative event packages.  We will work with you on thinking “out of the box” and ensuring a spectacular celebration!


note: Xplosive Entertainment & A-Sharp Production reserves the right to alter any of the above at our sole discretion as we continue to learn more about the state of this virus outbreak.


Postpone, Don’t Cancel


It’s a shame you cannot celebrate with your friends and family on the original date of your wish. However, don’t punish yourself and cancel outright. After these tough times, you, your friends, and your family deserve a celebration!

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