Nobody wants to have a boring and vanilla party. Cookie cutter events are not our style! Therefore we want you to get to know our Elevated Event Enhancements! With so many categories of customizable event upgrades Xplosive Entertainment has the ability to WOW your guests in ways you couldn’t imagine!

Based on the event type (i.e. Wedding compared to Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Corporate event), different enhancements may be more fitting. By visiting the link ENHANCEMENTS on our site, you will get to know a few of our top choices. By clicking through the photos, you will see that every item can be customized from color, to design, to logo, and theme, we take all these factors and build you a personalized experience for your guests enjoyment.

Besides having some of the hottest event enhancements, we also understand the vital importance having a qualified team to setup, monitor, and manage these items. Our technicians carefully test every item before sending it to a job. We always keep help on site to trouble shoot any unexpected occurrences that arise. Backup equipment, tools and parts are always a few steps away.

Be sure to check out our elevated event enhancements, and do not hesitate to call or email us with questions about any of these or other items you may want for your next event.



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