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Q: Are you able to provide music for our ceremony?

A: Yes! We bring an addition set up with microphones and stands to ensure a seamless ceremony, or you have the option of having live musician.


Q: Besides introductions and dances, what are some common formalities?

A: Some of the more popular traditions are the garter removal, bouquet toss, and cake cutting.


Q: Who is normally introduced at the start of the party?

A: Typically the parents of the Bride and Groom are introduced first, then the bridal party, followed by the Groom and Bride. However, many clients will include Grandparents and flower girls/ ring bearer as well.


Q: When do I dance with my mother/ father?

A: Parent dances are a beautiful moment for everyone to witness and usually work best either right after your first dance or after dinner. 


Q: When does my first dance with my wife/ husband happen?

A: First dances usually take place at the start of your wedding, right after you are introduced for the first time as a married couple.


Q: We love the look of the sparkulars, are they real sparks?

A: They ARE NOT real sparks. They are cold. They do however, require approval from the hall that they can be used, as every establishment is different.     


Q: We want Dancing on the Clouds for our first dance. Are there any hold backs:

A: As with the sparks, every hall is different. Some halls do not allow it depending on the type of dance floor they have. All we have to do is check with the hall.  


Q: We want our ceremony to start at 6:30PM, what time should we ask our guests to arrive?

A: Having a “Call Time” 30 minutes prior to the time you want your ceremony to start is always a safe bet. That will ensure no one is walking in in the middle of your vows!!


Q:  We have some close friends and family that would like to give a toast, what is the best time to do that?

A:  It is always best to do these during a time when you are already sitting for either first course or dinner. We never want to stop the flow of fun during dance sets which makes a perfect opportunity to allow while your guests are enjoying their food.  


Q: How do we get you all the necessary information for the day of the party?

A: We have an amazing online program where we provide you with a personal online portal link. There you will find all the forms needed for you to fill out as well as an area to request music. We also pride ourselves in our backend planning, so you can ALWAYS call with questions.


Q: Do you have photo booths?

A: YES! We have different types of photo booths and back drops for you to choose from. You also have the option to get all of the pictures printed out for each of your guests.


Q: What is a gobo?

A: A gobo is a powerful light projector that displays your logo very large in light on the wall or ceiling.​


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