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EVENT SPOTLIGHT – A Ballroom Dancer’s Winter Wonderland Dream

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We often say, when it comes to planning to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, to think outside the box and be creative. To pick a theme and stick with it throughout all aspects of decor, ideas, favors, etc. so everything is cohesive and well thought out. Today we want to spotlight Lia’s Bat Mitzvah that took place at the Addison Park, in Keyport, NJ December, 2023. With a winter wonderland theme, the silvers and baby blues sparkled as she danced the night away. Luxurious large white floral centerpieces and floral wall, a six tier layered cake, an immersive swing photo booth and large video wall with tons of staging surrounded made for an exquisite ambiance in the ballroom.


Lia’s Bat Mitzvah was unique for two primary reasons. First, there was an elongated reception (5 hours instead of 4) and there was also a separate room for the kids. This room was utilized for cocktail hour first. It contained games like giant LED foosball, giant jenga, virtual gaming, lounge furniture and more. Lia also had a DJ in this room providing a soundtrack for the entirety of the event. The adults had their own separate cocktail hour space with background music and a lavish spread of appetizers. Once cocktail hour was over, we moved the adults and the kids into the main ballroom. Our DJ, Justin T, was s

et up on the large stage with the video wall behind him, playing high energy music to get the party started. Once we got the energy where we wanted it to be we facilitated the grand entrance followed by a short dance set. Afterwards, we invited all of the guests to sit down so the blessings and the traditional candle lighting ceremony could commence. The candle lighting included the parents’ toast as well as a toast from her older sister. After about 30 minutes we began the next dance set with the Hora and had another high energy set until it was time for the kids to sit down for their plated meals. DJ Justin T kept the adults up and dancing until their meals were served about 10-15 minutes later. Towards the tail end of the meal we displayed the montage for everyone to enjoy on the 16 foot video wall.

Once the meal and montage were completed we had a massive surprise for our ballroom dancer guest of honor. We directed everyone’s attention towards the center of the dance floor and cued the music. Two female dancers came out and began a performance, the guests were excited not knowing what was about to happen. Then a gentleman came out as Katy Perry’s “Birthday” played through the speakers. Finally, on cue, Lacey Schwimmer (professional American ballroom dancer, contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance”, and more), began her performance. The kids went WILD and the look on Lia’s face was priceless. Lacey brought Lia out to the dance floor and this kicked off the next incredible dance set.



Our dance floor motivators brought the rest of crowd out and helped created a core memory for Lia and all of her friends and family. A runway styled dance off starting with Lia and Lacey began and all of Lia’s friends got a quick turn to strut their stuff. It was so much fun and Lia was a shining star with her favorite performer. Once that was over, the kids went back to their game room had their own dance party and played the available games with our entertainers. Being that this was a Russian family, they hired a Russian band/DJ hybrid which entertained the guests for the remainder of the event.


Finally, a massive Viennese dessert hour, presented by Addison Park, was opened up back where adult cocktail hour was so all of the guests flooded the room to enjoy the decadence. The dance floor naturally opened back up as the adults finished up their desserts and the party kept going until the very last minute.

Normally, we always encourage having everything in the main room as to not cause a disconnect in the energy in the room and flow of the events but in this case it worked out really well. It gave the kids a place of their own to hang out and have fun in a teen only environment and gave the adults their own separate enjoyable atmosphere.

Being different has its benefits as long as you have a clearly defined vision and the right vendors to execute your plan. We’d love to help plan the mitzvah of your dreams so give us a call today!


Written By: Jaymie Perez

Event Planner | DJ | MC