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Q: What do dancers do? Or do I really need dancers?

A: Dancers are there to motivate the crowd and keep a nice smooth rhythm to your event. We always recommend dancers especially when the number of kids is high. There is no right or wrong but you have to know your event and your child and their friends. If you know they are more reserved and shy get an extra dancer maybe. If you know that they are the opposite and outgoing maybe get one dancer less and put your money elsewhere. If you want dancers or not just understand that if you have 1 dancer and you have 60 kids it’s impossible to control them all and focus on each and every kid. We usually have a rule that for every 20-25 kids you should have one dancer. We can debate about this for a while but let’s keep it short. If you know your child and know they love to party get some dancers to enhance that, if your child is into games/ does not like dancing then maybe think about something else.


Q: How should I decide if we need a 4 or 5 hour party?

A: In my personal experience there is no way to know if you necessarily “need” a 4 or 5 hour event. What we have noticed is that 5 hour parties sometimes may feel like they drag. Sometimes people start leaving an hour before the event anyway so if you can save the money for the one hour short, do it. 4 hour parties can have its downfalls too. If you have a lot of formalities/ honor dances, long candle lighting, etc. then maybe thinking about a 5 hour party is the way for you to go. On the other hand, if you and your family decide against doing any formalities I’d recommend a 4 hour event. If you think about it formalities can take up to 1 hour total , maybe even a little more so that’s something to think about!


Q: How long does a candle lighting take?

A: This question can vary just like most of the questions on this FAQ. In the past we have seen 3 candles, 14 candles, 16 candles, etc. If you have 3 candles which usually is dedicated to “Past, present, & future”, this can be as short as 5 minutes. On the other hand if you have 16 candles and you’re having family and friends come up for a picture for each candle then this could take anywhere from 30-40 minutes. There is no right and wrong amount of time candle lighting should take.


Q: How long should my montage be? How many pictures is a standard montage

A: YES! I love this question. A standard montage is 100 pictures and that should range from 8-9 minutes. Anything longer we always tell our clients this… do you think your guests want to sit down for 15 minutes and watch it? Of course all of your guests love the guest of honor but after 8-9 minutes it gets repetitive and feel like it’s “dragging”. 


Q:  Are on site coordinators important to an event?

A:  This question actually works for any type of event. Weddings, sweet 16’s, mitzvahs, corporate, etc. YES… from personal experience having an on site coordinator for my wedding made my event so successful. I can’t say that you always NEED one but if you have an event with moving parts save yourself the headaches and stress and have someone there for you to help out with any issues. There are always issues that will arise throughout an event its natural but having someone who can help instead of you and your family makes all of a difference.


Q: Should I have a theme?

A: Not always do you need a theme when it comes to planning a party. I will recommend that if your son/ daughter has a very strong interest in jazz, basketball, dancing, cheer, etc. then yes work off of that and make the theme that would portray who the guest of honor really is. We have had the amazing themed events from rock and roll to all different kinds of dancing. When you have a theme it’s easier to pick centerpieces, logo’s, t-shirts, etc. that can be branded. Also, when there is a logo there usually comes with a color scheme which can set the whole event’s ambiance.     


Q: Should I provide t-shirts for the dancers to match the event theme?

A: This is a tricky question. It’s tricky because you don’t NEED to provide t-shirts to staff or guests but if you have the budget for it then yes do it. Not only does this look AMAZING in pictures but your guests will look back on it for memories. I guess the short answer here is, if you have the budget do it. The more branded items you have the more elevated your event will be.  


Q: Is having lights important to the set up at my event?

A: This is a question that gets overlooked almost at every event. You absolutely need some sort of lights when it comes to an event. Not only does this elevate the look but it’s what makes your party feel like a party rather than a simple get together. Think about the difference and see if it’s important to you but we always recommend it.


Q:  Do I need to have give-a-ways? If so which are popular?

A:  Most if not all of our higher packages come with our standard give-a-ways. We usually always tell clients to bring their own. Five below gift cards, candy tubes, apple gift cards, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts. You get the idea. These help the dancers “bribe” the kids to stay and participate on the dance floor with the guest of honor. Let’s be honest it can get very hard to keep the kids engaged but that’s what our dancers do and the give-a-ways just help the situation.  


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