Event lighting can transform or define a room, vibe or general feel. More, lighting sets the mood and atmosphere for an entire event. At Xplosive Entertainment, we look at lighting from a theatrical standpoint. By highlighting select elements within a room, we can draw guests’ attention to specific items. For example, during a bride and groom’s first dance, we can spot light the moment. Or, to create a Winter Wonderland feel within a room, we can use blue colored up-lights to wash the walls while projecting snowflake patterns on the ceilings. When executed properly, by using high quality equipment, lighting can discretely make BIG impacts on your event. Below, we will review the three different broad classifications of event lighting.

Ambient room up-lighting

Xplosive entertainment uses high quality battery powered up-lights to wash a room in color. We can create nearly any color imaginable. These lights can be set to a static color or can be color controlled throughout the night creating a virtual energy as the colors fade, chase, and even strobe with the music.

Intelligent moving head dance floor lighting:

This category of lighting is very broad. Do not be fooled by our competitors who promote “club lighting” or a “dance floor light show”, as these are typically cheesy and cheap looking lighting effects. True intelligent lights are controllable by an onsite technician who can adjust the following variables: color, brightness, positioning, pattern, and strobe. These intelligent lights are the same types of lights you are accustomed to seeing on TV shows like American Idol and X-Factor. These are also the same types of lights used in concerts and night clubs. When adding haze to the atmosphere, you can clearly see the beams of light. But, even without haze, the effect is still extremely noticeable as the light effects create motion, energy, and atmosphere.

Monogram Gobo Projection:

Different than the above two lighting effects, a monogram gobo is generally meant to be in a static position and display a logo or image onto a wall, ceiling, or floor. Gobo projections are used to show names, dates, logos, or themed effects. Gobos are technically die-cut metal disks made to fit within a special light. Gobos are often a solid white, but can also come in color. Xplosive Entertainment also offers animated gobo projections. In this case, we can animate the image your guests see.


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