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What does it take to become a top NJ project graduation entertainment company? The answer is creativity, inventory, talent, and experience. Here’s how it breaks down… most schools are seeking a one-stop-shop for their post prom or post grad celebrations. They realize it’s a ton of work and requires a lot of man power to pull off a event of this magnitude. Additionally, if this event isn’t marketed and promoted well the student’s will choose not to attend. What Xplosive Entertainment, a NJ DJ based, upscale event production firm, does is start with the basics. We make school cool again! Knowing this is the last night in the brick lined hallways for these students, means we need to leave an incredible lasting memory. The combination of theatrical lighting, props and decor, a unifying theme, and fun activities including inflatables, music, games, and live performances ties the whole puzzle together. Our games and activities are unique and in most cases, never seen before. These can include a 30 person foosball table, LED illuminated ping pong tables, casino games, glow in the dark mini golf, basketball madness (a modern twist to pop-a-shot) to name a few. We are firm believers to incorporate music within each area to set the mood. For example, you may have a massage or yoga room needing very tranquil music to set the zen-like atmosphere. Then further down the hall, you may have a room setup as a dance club playing the hottest club and hip hop. The options are limitless. We encourage you to contact Xplosive Entertainment to learn more about making your next project graduation spectacular!


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  • Sep20 2018

    Jumping Broook CC BRIDAL SHOW Neptune, NJ with XE Performance

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