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Wedding Trends That Shouldn’t Be

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To follow or not to follow the trends, that is the question! In this blog, I will be discussing some popular trends that may be fun or cute, but logistically, just don’t make sense or could have a negative impact on the overall success of your special day. You spend so much time and energy planning your wedding and you want to make certain that you keep that luxurious feel and ambiance all the way through. You also want to maximize the time you have to celebrate because we will be the first to tell you, the day goes by VERY quickly.


First and probably one of the most popular, is the sparkler send off. I’m all about this trend if it is a true send off, meaning the last song has already played and guests are actually departing once this is completed, but majority of the time, this is not the case. It’s usually just for the photo op because your photo/video team usually has already departed before the end so they capture the moment early. The issue with this is, quite frankly, it’s a logistical nightmare. Getting 150 or more people outside and then back inside (normally by now they’ve been drinking for a few hours) it not only difficult but time consuming. You are losing prime dance floor time to capture one or two pictures. While these pictures are always beautiful, you must weigh the pros and cons of capturing this one image. A secondary way is to just have the wedding party involved but the downside to this is, now your guests are alone in the reception space. Your vibe is contagious to your guests, so if you’re not present in the room, they are likely not going to be raging as hard as they would be if the guests of honor were out on the dance floor with them!

Second on this list, is a rather new trend that’s been popping up, the bride cutting their hair midway through the reception. Some are choosing to this instead of changing their dress (or also still changing but adding another wow factor with a new “do”). While this is fun, think of the amount of time you’re not in the reception dancing with your guests because you’re in another room getting an entire haircut. Not to mention, what if you don’t like it? Now, half of your reception footage/photos have a hairstyle that you don’t like and your memories of your special day will be tainted. Plus, unless you have a quality entertainment team, I can assure you, 75% of your guests won’t notice the haircut unless a moment is made on the microphone to captivate the guest’s attention to point out the haircut. Cut your hair tomorrow girl, the dance floor is calling your name at your wedding!



This next one is a topic I’ve touched on before in a previous blog and this has to with not being present in your cocktail hour. This will only occur when you don’t have the “first look”. When you opt out of having a first look, you will then miss the entirety of cocktail hour because you will be taking portraits with your new spouse, your wedding party and your family. Now, not only are you and your wedding party missing out on eating the delicious food, you as the hosts, are missing the opportunity to greet all of your guests. Which means you will have to do this during the reception and you won’t be able to dance as much in your first dance set after formalities. For more on this, check the blog in the link below!


Fourth on my list is a private last dance. While in theory, it’s a beautiful moment, it is just another logistical nightmare. You have two options in order to accomplish this. You either have to ask all guests to leave a little early, making goodbyes a little awkward and rushed so that you can have this last dance and still end at your contracted time. You also still have to ask all vendors to leave the room as well so you are truly alone. Your other option is to end the reception at the contracted time for your guests, have your guests leave and then do the private the last dance, but now you are looking at paying overtime for every vendor in the venue because this private last dance will likely not happen for about 25-30 minutes or so after your event is over. If budgetary concerns aren’t relevant here, then by all means, go for it! However, most couples aren’t allotting this overtime fee for every vendor just for a two-minute private dance.


While this one is not necessarily a trend it happens rather often and if avoidable, I would certainly recommend not having your photo booth or bar in another room besides your main reception space. When the photo booth or bar are in another room, guests tend to gravitate towards those areas and not make their way back in to the main room. This causes a disconnect in the energy and the flow of the event. When selecting your venue, be mindful of the real estate you need to accommodate the footprint of your enhancements and necessities.


Last on my list, is having a “Beer Man” at your ceremony rather than a flower girl. This one here, I am completely torn on because if you have a Beer Man or Flower Man, it certainly lightens the mood and creates a silly ambiance for your guests to laugh and start the day of celebration off on a fun note. However, if you’re having a black-tie affair, or you want this to be very romantic or classy, having this at your ceremony, can be the opposite of the feel or vibe you are trying to create. Perhaps, opt for having Grandma as the flower girl which is adorable and sweet, makes for great pictures and still lightens the mood without making it seem like a joke.


Regardless of what our thoughts are here, true professionals will always make your wedding vision come to life, it just may come at cost (whether it’s time or financially). Sit down with your entertainment team and weigh out the pros and cons and see what is important to you and your fiancé, let us handle the rest. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!



Written By: Jaymie Perez

Event Planner  | DJ |  MC