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Wedding Planning During Covid Times

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If you are engaged at the time this blog is written (November 2020), you may be asking yourself is now the right time to be planning a wedding? Or, how can I possibly be planning now with so much uncertainty in the world?


The goal of this blog is to help you make clear decisions.


For starters, you absolutely should be celebrating that you are engaged. Be proud, be excited! Don’t let anything going on in the world take away your well-deserved happiness. We suggest, though, that you understand your approach to planning is going to look different than someone who tied the knot last year, the year prior, etc. You have certain “what if’s” that rightfully need to be explored.


The first item to consider is what date to select? If you are a young couple, you may choose not to rush. You can certainly pick a date further out in the calendar to “be safe.” However, if you are an older couple and are planning on having children, you must factor in that a long engagement may delay when you get pregnant. Regardless of your age, you may simply want to tie to knot sooner than later. (Hey, there is a tax break and even insurance benefits for those married). The reality is you can certainly get legally married now and celebrate in a large setting at a later date. Tradition is out the window in 2020. Do what’s best for you!


Our suggestions to picking the right date share many similarities with picking the right venue. Here is a list of considerations… note, the common thread is FLEXIBILITY!


  1. Does your date/venue allow for outdoor celebrations if needed?
    • What does that outdoor environment look like? Is it really conducive for a wedding as you have envisioned. (think overall size, aesthetics, climate/temperature, sun/shade, comforts, access to restrooms, etc.)
  2. Evaluate guest count scenarios. You may need to create (and be comfortable with) a “plan A” and a “plan B.” In “plan A,” you may have the large lavish wedding you once dreamt of. In “plan B,” you may need to scale your guest count back and have a micro wedding surrounded solely with your closest friends and family.
  3. Consider virtual options. Sharing your wedding with those who could not make it in person is really an honor.   There are now many incredible virtual and live stream options which would allow you to connect out of town, distant, or health concerns guests who may not be in attendance. Truly there are great and creative options to allow virtual guests a “front seat” experience from the comforts of their own homes. (A full blog can be written just on this topic).


So, just how do you navigate those considerations. Here are some tips.

  • Ask your venue and all vendors to see a written postponement plan if the Corona virus forces a reschedule.  By now all professionals should have a firm established process and procedure in place.
  • Book small. You can always add later. When selecting a venue, contract for the smallest guest count they will allow. You do not want to sign a contract with a 250 minimum guarantee if you may only be permitted 50 guests indoors. A similar approach should be given to other vendors. You shouldn’t lock into the biggest floral package or entertainment package early on. Allow time to determine if you really need or want “extras” like a photo booth or cigar bar (as examples).
  • Find a space or venue with large enough indoors to adequately “socially distance” your guests or a space with an attractive outdoor option.


The key here is don’t rush into planning yet… don’t wait too long. We have seen way to many couples loose the excitement of getting married in the frustrations of planning around roadblocks. Everyone should realize, wedding planning has never been simple. There have always been giant considerations and challenges when planning any affair of this magnitude. In COVID times the challenges and considerations have shifted. In retrospect, these difficult times have forced us to rethink the true importance of getting married. Less focus is now on the “small things” which once seemed to matter to brides and now focus has shifted back to the “big things” like truly celebrating with those who mean the most to you. Lastly, make sure your plans are fluid. Ensure flexibility. Most importantly, cheers to you! Congratulations and best wishes as you join two lives into one!


Written by:

Michael Langsner

Vice President, Xplosive Entertainment