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Top 5 reasons to plan your son or daughter’s bar/bat mitzvah during the summer.

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Summer is finally here! This usually means kids are away at camp. The days are longer. If you are a school teacher, you have your summer break! And, if you are fortunate enough to work for a company that understands shore traffic, you may have half days on Fridays.

Like most, you receive your son or daughter’s mitzvah date 2-3 years prior to the actual bar or bat mitzvah ceremony. We strongly suggest you take advantage of the summer to get organized and get your planning underway.

Here are 5 reasons to use the summer to tighten up your mitzvah plans:

1. Sitting by the pool or at the beach (with optional cocktail) is a perfect way to start creating your to-do lists. These can include a list of venues, entertainers, photographers, decorators, etc. to consider. Creating an expected guest list is also key to get a realistic understanding of your guest count.

2. Most vendors in the mitzvah industry are slower in the summer. Therefore, they can dedicate more time to you than during busy season. Phone calls and meetings do not have to feel rushed.

3. If you plan on including your son or daughter in the selection process, take the summer months to narrow down the list of options. When you are ready to include your child in the decisions, you have already narrowed down the options to your favorite two or three venues or DJs. (Giving kids a nearly unlimited list of options will confuse them, slow the process, and potentially can cost you more than expected).

4. If the kids are away and you have some free time, wait for a rainy summer day and do your dress, shoes and accessory shopping.  Shopping is much easier without the kids in-tow.

5. Bring a friend along (ideally one who is also planning or one who has already planned their child’s bar/bat mitzvah)… make a day out of it. Visit a few venues or vendors. Stop midday for lunch or celebrate a successful day of planning with some happy hour libations. Enjoy the company and suggestions of a close friend.

In summary, the summer is time to relax and enjoy, however it is also a great time for you to get a head start and ensure your party planning isn’t rushed and chaotic.