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The #1 Underrated Role for your Mitzvah

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Have you heard the term EC being thrown around in your Mitzvah planning process? This stands for Event Coordinator (or Entertainment Coordinator) and it is one of the most underrated roles when it comes to your celebrant’s big day. Nowadays, more and more Mitzvahs are run like a theatrical performance. There are big expectations for unique grand entrances, and highlight moments throughout the middle and the end of many parties.  They are often wow factors and add to the theme or vibe, which we happen to love! These might include:


  • Lighting Cues
  • Special Effects (like indoor pyro effect or cold CO2 blasts)
  • Signage
  • Scripted Moments
  • Live Performers or Performances

Now, when it comes these important cues, whose job is it manage of these? Your MC is on the microphone, painting a picture and telling the tale of why we are here. Your DJ is behind the booth curating your music live and your motivators are dancing and engaging your crowd. These special moments are crucial, yet shouldn’t be taxing or distracting to your performers aforementioned. Below are a few more reasons, in no particular order, why having this vital role will help ensure the success of your event.


The most primary objective of the EC role, is to be the manager of the timeline. Making sure all actions stay on schedule. Yes, unplanned things can happen like catering being delayed however, having someone continue to let the MC and DJ know updated timing and helping manage this, while allowing the talent to keep the party flowing.


Management of vendors is another paramount role for the EC. They make sure vendors are on site and setup at an appropriate times and locations locations, as well as ensuring they performing their contracted services as expected. When it comes to communicating with vendors, an EC allows the MC to do his or her job more effectively. Without an EC, your MC has to run around and try to locate your vendors, trouble shoot issues thus ultimately leaving your dance floor.


Mitzvahs today are going bigger and bigger when it comes to swag, prizes and give-aways. We find that we are distributing more and more with each season that passes.   We are referring to items such as apparel, bluetooth electronics, large candy tubes, gift cards or premium giveaways like sport jerseys or AirPods. While these items are fabulous, sometimes it’s can be too much and distracting while ensuring everything is distributed evenly throughout the night and in its entirety. If you have a lot of swag, that means your dancers or MC are constantly leaving the dance floor to get new items. An EC is critical in this instance to be a pair of hands to hand it to the dancers while they stay on the dance floor and ensure all of the swag is given out before the event is over.


Now, when it’s time to show your montage, in a perfect setting, within a well ran facility, the venue will turn off or dim their house lighting and maybe hand out some popcorn. However, this is not always the case and the responsibility could fall on the EC to make sure lights are low so screens are most vibrant (and following this, the lights are turned back to an appropriate setting for the toasts or parent dances which follow).  Ambient lighting in the venue is important and not all venues are going to be on top of this.  Your EC will help ensure these are handled accordingly and your photographer will thank you for this!


Towards the end of the event, there are often donut walls or fun to-go food stations being set up. Once again, another significant role for your EC to corroborate it gets displayed at the right time, in the right location and of course, neatly and correctly. They will also ensure it doesn’t get destroyed by guests prematurely before your photographer/videographer gets the footage of the display by itself and as well as with the guest of honor and immediate family.


Lastly, at the end of the event, there are usually party favors to give away as guests are leaving. There is usually a display or table at the exit set up with bags commonly labeled with names that need to put out in alphabetical order. Your EC’s job may include placement of the favors.  Then once guests begin to depart, they will help facilitate the process to make sure all the guests get the correct item and only take what belongs to them.


In closing, having an EC is an essential role that is often missed, which aides in the celebration’s success. This allows your talent to be your talent.  An added set of eyes and ears, who’s goal is to ensure an event’s success, is an invaluable tool. Keeping your MC and your dancers on the dance floor where they should be, to motivate your guests and keep the crowd controlled and having the time of their lives. Without this important role, you can sacrifice how impactful your talent should be and the magnitude of the energy level on your dance floor. We fully support having this often overlooked yet domineering role at your simcha.


To learn more, call your Xplosive Entertainment rep, as always we love hearing from you!

Written By: Jaymie Perez

Xplosive Entertainment

DJ  |  MC  |  Event Planner