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We all know that when planning a Bar/Bat mitzvah for your child it only happens once so understanding the key concepts for your special night is essential. You want everything to be perfect and knowing what trends are in “style” plays a huge role when planning a party. For example, high technology photo booths are something that engages the crowd at all different points of your event. Using the traditional photo booth and taking photo strips home are great but having a high technology booth can just upgrade your event that much. There are so many different options, a 360 – photo booth, boomerangs, and even having social media directly linked up with your snapshots! Having social media integrated into your event allows the clients and guests to grab a pic in the photo booth then immediately after send it to your Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. This can show off the epic special moments that are captured throughout the best night of your child’s life. Another popular trend that is HOT right now are LED lights! They can be used to decorate the dance floor, tables, bar tables, and even giveaways are things that can further elevate your event!

If you really want to take your event to the next level you can put up a LED volleyball net,or even a LED ping pong game which gets EVERYONE involved on the middle of the dance floor and during cocktail hour. In addition to all the things that you can to do boost your party, the hottest trend that can make your party unique is branding giveaway items with your child’s logo on it. The giveaways in general motivate children and even adults to get involved and even sometimes has guests showing off their best dance moves. If you really want to go all out and customize sweatshirts and sweatpants along with other things you can really send the crowd home with something to remember. Customization is key when planning an event. You want your child’s night to be everything they could have ever imagined and including some or all of these things mentioned can really bring your Bar/Bat mitzvah to the NEXT LEVEL!

Prepared by Bridgitt Gampel

Office Manager of Xplosive Entertainment 

A highly experienced motivator