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How To Help Us…. Help YOU!

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As busy season winds down and we have a moment to breathe, it’s time to present some exclusive tips to aide in planning your next event. This season, we certainly had a difficult time getting our clients to fill out their forms, provide photos to create their montage, provide logos, etc. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What does that have to do with me?” Well… Its our goal to help streamline your event prep and ensure a successful celebration.


Yes, we are professionals and YES we are amazing at what we do (and LOVEEE doing it!)… but as a company that has been in business for almost two decades we certainly have come up with a formula for success. We put an extraordinary amount of pride and effort into every single event. This includes dozens of hours in the pre-planning process, sending you creative ideas to make your event stand out from others and ensuring your logistics are covered. From designing the flow and putting timelines together – we oversee the event to ensure everything is perfect for you.


With that being said, if our efforts to gather the information/content become disregarded or delayed, it becomes troublesome to ensure your overall experience is positive and your event will run smoothly. When deadlines aren’t met, the product becomes rushed. When your provided forms online aren’t filled out, we cannot accurately create a timeline or relay complete information to your performing team. Additionally, your DJ then cannot prep the music for you. I’m sure you can see why this can become problematic – it is a snowball effect. Our expected timelines and due dates are in place to be mutually beneficial.  Of course, our goal is to be prepared with ample time, but likewise, we want the days leading to your celebration to be as calm and productive as possible.  All too often, we hear of clients staying up late night as the days get closer to their events because they are cramming in unnecessary last minute to-do items. Your expectations should be exceeded and our standards should be satisfied with every single event, I mean partying is what we do best, after all! However, these parties do not plan themselves! So we need your help to make sure it’s epic.


In an effort to help you stay organized and on track, you will have a coordinator assigned to your event who will be available to you whenever you have a question. Now, the time frames on how to plan a mitzvah or wedding will vary as every event is unique. Below is a generalized timeline for the planning process for your special event that you can expect to see when you book with Xplosive.


12 Months Out:

  1. Have your talent package locked in
  2. Narrow your theme/color scheme


6 Months Out:

  1. Logo should be designed at this point and used as branding for the entire event
  2. Extra Enhancements/Activations should be a main focus at this point


3 Months Out:

  1. Finalize the photos/songs for your montage to be created
  2. Finalize extra enhancements/activations
  3. Swag should be ordered (get sizes from your coordinator for your performing team if you want them in branded shirts)


1 Month Out:

  1. Finalize Photobooth templates/backdrop
  2. Finalize ambient room uplighting color
  3. Finalize if there are any enhancements you wanted to add (new toys are always coming out so there might be something you want to add).
  4. Finalize your online forms
  5. Finalize any custom branding/signage you might be having


3 Weeks Out:

  1. Finalize any additional prizes/swag for the dance floor
  2. Have a final meeting with your coordinator (they will formulate your timeline)
  3. Send in your logos/montage/TV content to Xplosive (if you are creating or creating through a third party)


2 Weeks Out:

  1. Have a final meeting with your MC
  2. Send in your final payment
  3. Approve your provided timeline




  1. Review provided timeline with fresh eyes and confirm the details are accurate.
  2. Bring any swag/prizes or shirts/costumes for the performing team to the venue in a box marked Xplosive Entertainment.
  3. Receive friends and family from out of state and enjoy yourself!!

Written by,

Jaymie Perez