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Digital Holiday Parties and Virtual Team Building vs. Zoom Fatigue

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Does the tough of more “Zoom” or online time make you cringe?  Could this thought alone be the reason why your organization be considering canceling a holiday celebration in 2020?  Clearly in-person events are not looked at as socially responsible in this COVID world we are living.  So, what’s the alternate to in-person?  Virtual.

How can virtual be fun?  Can it be interactive?  Would it be memorable?  The answer to all of this is YES!  But some real thought and effort needs to be put forth.  In fact, a virtual company holiday party offers some really great perks. Consider these:

  1. Virtual events (almost always) cost far less than live “in-person” alternatives. 
  2. Liquor liability is no longer an issue.
  3. Scheduling or appealing to the schedules of a team are far easier.

As a professional entertainment company who gained national recognition for its cutting edge talents and planning options, we knew a “pivot” was needed.  In the last seven plus months, we have been working on virtual events and combined our prior experiences, talents, creativity and partnerships to now offer some really incredible, personalized virtual event options.

The current favorite and most requested virtual experience, incredible for team building too, has been our online digital game show.  We have various options available, yet the best seller has been a partnership of our custom digital platform, an engaging and comedic game show host and a personalized online delivery.  What truly makes this experience is the interaction with a live, witty and outgoing emcee/host.  Our clients have been shocked by the participation, interactivity and overall enjoyment.

Another crowd favorite is an online magic/mentalism show.  Believe it or not, a trained magician who understands the nuances of Zoom and other virtual meeting programs can read your guests minds, perform card tricks and can mesmerize your guests all online.  Its’ really amazing to watch.  Using the fundamentals of magic, a comedic personality and a the power of the internet, our mentalists can perform the art of magic from the safe comforts of their own home directly to your attending guests anywhere in the world.

There are a slew of other great options including virtual cook offs, virtual speakeasies, scavenger hunts, murder mysteries, horse racing, and casino games which can all be performed online.  The keys to success are the following:

  1. The host or emcee must be engaging and fun
  2. 60-90 minutes should be the max amount of time devoted to an online experience.
  3. The technology used must be both tested and ran by an experienced moderator.
  4. Use of proper lighting and audio quality make a huge difference.

With the 2020 holiday season right around the corner, we encourage customers to explore digital options for a holiday event. Now, more than ever, employees need to both be rewarded for their hard work, but also need to be reminded that they are part of a team.  These virtual options listed above are great holiday events and also incredible team builders.

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Written by:

Michael Langsner

Vice President of Xplosive Entertainment