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Creating a unique and memorable grand entrance

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When planning a sweet 16 or bar/bat mitzvah, the grand entrance can make the vibe of the entire party. It sets the tone for the guests as well as the entire feel for the party. There are so many different options that your entertainment group can offer. Having a unique grand entrance can show off the guest of honor’s personality the moment they walk in the room. You should be encouraged and challenged to think of a unique way to kick of the celebration!

One of the most popular entrances we see is when the guest of honor being carried in on a “throne” of sorts. This is a great way to make the guest of honor feel extremely special when the entire room’s attention is on them.

An important suggestion is to include the guest of honor’s interests or event theme. For example, if a Bat Mitzvah girl is into cheer-leading we could have all of the guests holding pom-poms as she walks into the room. This looks GREAT in pictures.

Another favorite of ours is when the guest of honor has a choreographed dance routine planned before the event with friends or family. This can make an excellent and memorable grand entrance.

Your entertainment company shouldn’t be cookie cutter, and rather strive to make it a goal for each and every party different based on the guest of honor and their interests.

If you are seeking a more comedic and theatrical approach, we have worked with the famous traditional bottle dancer group on several occasions. Bottle dancers are extremely unique and catch everyone’s attention to the middle of the dance floor.

There are so many different options to look through when planning this special day. Being carried in on a raft, breaking through a paper banner, riding in on a motorcycle/golf cart, etc. are all examples of getting your party started in unforgettable manner.

On the other hand, if you have a more reserved/shy guest of honor there are ways to still have an amazing grand entrance without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Confetti, stilt wearing performers, costumed characters, CO2 blasts and sparkler fountains are all extremely impactful items that add to the excitement of an entrance, yet doesn’t require the guest of honor to be a pro dancer or rebel riding a motorcycle.  The guest of honor’s comfort level should always be a priority.

The challenge is on… get creative, be bold, think outside of the box.

Prepared by Bridgitt Gampel

Event Ignitor at Xplosive Entertainment