MC Doc Jeff

MC or DR? Hmmmm… why not both titles?  Dr. Jeff comes to Xplosive Entertainment as a seasoned public speaker.  Doctor of physical therapy by day and event host by night or weekend.  Jeff is a long time friend of Xplosive partner, DJ Michael T, and has rode along side Mike at events for many years.  Jeff has always been known to be the “life of the party” and the funny/charming guy where ever he would pop up.  Jeff has earned the title of Ordained Minister and has performed as the officiant for many weddings (beginning with those for friends and family).  His uncanny humor and comfort on the microphone has brought him to join the ranks of the Xplosive team of wedding MCs.  Jeff is a health conscious individual, yet he knows how to indulge and have fun.  He is a whisky connoisseur.  He is a husband and father of three.  Jeff finds himself in many unique adventures from tossing pizzas at an international pizza making competitions to challenging co-workers at a wack-a-mole competitions to raise money for charities.