Corporate Services

Concept Development

Have an idea, but don’t know how to bring it to life?

Need direction on a fresh new concept?

Want to WOW and IMPRESS your guests, entrust Xplosive’s experienced professionals to cease a concept from start to finish encompassing your goals, concepts, and ideas.

Music and Entertainment

We know music! We know entertainment!

Xplosive Entertainment began primarily as a DJ based event firm. As our event experience continues to grow daily, we have added live musicians,games, activities, photography services, and much more to our arsenal of entertainment options.

Venue Selection

Where your event takes place is one of the most important and one of the first decisions to make. The venue decision should be made based on the following criteria:

  1. Does the venue provide enough space for your event needs?
  2. Is the quality of food, beverage, and service on par with your expectations?
  3. Does the location offer adequate parking, lodging, logistics, for your event?

Since Xplosive Entertainment works throughout the country, but primarily within the NJ/NY/PA markets, we have established relationships with venues offering a wide array of options.

Vendor Management

Hiring the right vendors is key. But communication between these vendors and proper management of these vendors is an art form. Let Xplosive Entertainment coordinate and/or source your vendors to ensure a flawless and stress free event for your team to enjoy.

Design Ambiance

Let our experienced and creative event professionals create a themed look or feel for your event. By including elements of decoration, lighting, musical soundscapes, we can design a room or event around your particular vision.

Lighting and AV

Proper lighting and Audio/Visual services can make or break an event. Proper planning is key, but having experienced and knowledgeable technicians available offer clients the assurance that an important presentation will be executed flawlessly. Our team will ask you all of the important questions that you may have not thought of in your planning. From simple PowerPoint presentations on projection screens to upscale HD video walls with detailed multimedia requirements, we have the solution for you. Xplosive Entertainment employes trained, experienced, and reliable audio engineers, lighting technicians/designers, and video experts.

Fun Food Stations

Xplosive Entertainment is not a caterer, but we are a FUN group of event professionals with a creative mindset and established reputation for extraordinary events. If you are looking to add some FUN to your menu… let’s discuss what we call “FUN FOOD STATIONS.” Imagine guests enjoying food trucks or a custom built NYC News Stand, Dunkin Donuts stand, Wawa or 7-11 inspired kiosk as examples either during the event or at the end as guests are leaving for one last big surprise!

Games and Activities

From giant life size recreations of your childhood favorites, through traditional carnival and boardwalk activities, or arcade games and casino tables, Xplosive can offer your guests a wide range of activities. If you are planning a team building event, please speak with one of our event specialists who have extensive experience with organized, motivating and exciting proven activities.

Staffing Solutions

Planning an event but not sure how you are going to staff this event? Contact us. Combining our internal team of outgoing and charismatic professionals including models, dancers, hosts, photographers, technicians, etc. with our long lasting relationships with staffing agencies for waitstaff, bar staff, and laborers we can help you through ensuring your event is staffed with true experienced professionals.

Production and Execution

Production and execution is what we do! We produce your event incorporating all of the elements discussed above including AV, Games/Activities, Staffing, Music, Venue Selection, Vendor Coordination and we execute if in a smooth and seamless manor so you can enjoy your event from a stress free stand point.