Ten Years Of Memories

The Roman numeral “X” means ten. Ironically, Xplosive Entertainment’s logo is a big “X.” 2016 celebrates Xplosive’s tenth anniversary in business!!! So… what does all this mean? Well, ten years of performances means we have touched so many people. We are responsible for life-lasting memories at family’s weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, and other milestone celebrations. But just how many people have we touched? There is no way to know for sure, but using some simple math, we came up with the following crazy statics:


10 years x 52 weeks = 520 week­ends of events


520 wknds x (a modest guess averaging) 3 events per wk = 1560 events


1560 events with an average of 150 guests = 234,000 attendees

Wow! In calculating these figures, we here at Xplosive feel so humbled. We look back on how we started, the many hurdles we overcame, our current status, and of course, our projected future. We couldn’t be more proud of this and so many other accomplishments! First we need to thank our hard working and industry leading team. Xplosive Entertainment truly has the BEST crew in the biz! From a client’s first impression speaking with our detail oriented sales people and event coordinators through our performers including DJs, MCs, Motivators and rarely noticed technicians, together we are the building blocks for successful events. The term “successful events” is actually an understatement too, as we are really known for over-delivering, exceeding expectations and simply impressing our guests!

Over the next few months, Xplosive Entertainment will be unrolling a slew of 10th Anniversary Promotions. All in this works, but these options may include some pricing incentives for new clients, a big celebration for past clients, and some fun swag to share with our team, families, and friends. More details will come so be sure to tune into Xplosive Entertainment’s social media channels for more information.

THANK YOU to all who have supported Xplosive Entertainment, believed in our company, and have helped make Xplosive into an industry leading event entertainment and production company!




2006– East Coast Unlimited is Born after Jordan left the company he worked for prior.

2007-2008 – East Coast gets re-branded as Xplosive Entertainment and get’s its “mom and pop” start up straight out of Jordan’s childhood home.  The basement of his parents house became the first functioning office of the Xplosive brand.  At this time, most meetings were primarily in client’s homes with Monmouth County clientele who recognized Jordan from his prior event history working with a local competitor.

2008-2011 – Xplosive Entertainment gains local recognition in the private event business with Jordan Marshall as the primary MC talent and DJ’s Cory Minto and Tom Rafael (DJ Tommy Xtreme) along with a small handful of dancer talent.  Thus, “Elevated Events” are born.

2011-2013 – Xplosive Entertainment decides to take the next step and look to create a brand that can develop FULL event concepts as well as produce unique and ground breaking celebrations.  Xplosive aligns itself with Entertainment POWERHOUSE Total Entertainment to bring events to new heights in the Monmouth County area.  A small 10′ x 10′ office on Rt 9 in Manalapan is the new home base for Xplosive Entertainment.

Sept 2013 Michael Langsner, a long time friend of Jordan’s joins the team. Michael comes both from a DJ background in private and club events, but also has over ten years experience in event management as a former banquet and event director for one of NJ’s top nightclubs, KatManDu.  Michael also was responsible for the overseeing the start up of iPlay America’s banquet and event services.
2013-2015 – Xplosive Entertainment has been creating and developing some of the most elaborate and breathtaking social, private, corporate, and celebrity events in the area.  Whenever people think of unique or they say we want something “outside the box”, Xplosive is never far from the conversation.  Xplosive took a step up to their next office on Rt 79 in Marlboro NJ where they became the “talk of the town” in producing some AMAZING events along with two of their close friends all under one roof,  Simply Invitations & David Todd Photography.  During this time in Marlboro, Xplosive added Melissa Brown to the office team roster.  Melissa comes from a professional dance and event management background.  Melissa’s official role is “talent coordinator” but over time, she has become the glue of the office keeping everything in order.

June 2015 – Xplosive takes another HUGE LEAP moving into a 2500 sq foot office/warehouse in Manalapan, NJ.

June 2015-Present –  Xplosive has really spread their wings with the ability to now provide lounge decor, drapery, cubbies, in addition to their themed event concepts.  Xplosive has become the OFFICIAL “one stop shop” for your next  big event and who knows what the coming years have in store.  With their BIGGEST and BEST year in the making 2016 will be another one for the books.

Future – Well… we don’t know whats coming for sure, but we expect it to include more storage, more equipment, better transportation vehicles and certainly more incredible clients to work with our signature event ignitors!