Our Motto: Elevate Your Event Expectations, is our goal, our vision, and our attitude. In today’s technology driven world, there are thousands of entertainment companies. Most however are mirror images of each other offering the same ‘ole stuff. We at Xplosive have decided to raise the bar. We challenge ourselves and our competition to consistently evolve, adapt, and create options, details, and enhancements never seen before at social affairs.

We believe in “Event Branding.” This self-coined expression allows us to take a creative thought process towards putting your personalized stamp throughout your affair. Remember, no two celebrations should ever be the same!

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Movie Magic with the Slo-Motion Photo booth

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Photo booths have become all the rage for special events. There are so many to choose from that you may feel like you can’t tell the difference from one booth to the next. That’s why you may be looking for something a bit different for your own wedding, mitzvah, sweet[...]