Dancer Caroline

Caroline Becker knows her way around the dance floor. She is always “on” and has that type of personality that everyone can relate too. She genuinely loves children, dancing and, most of all, having fun!

Caroline got her start in entertainment at the age of 19.  She’s seen it all during her 10 years in the business. She was a full-time dancer when she was younger, but later dove into sports like basketball. Given her diverse experience, she knows how to kick it with the boys and have girl-talk with the ladies. 

Caroline also works in finance and is pursuing journalism/broadcasting on the side – meaning she has the full package. She is intelligent, aware, and has the natural ability to talk to anyone.  She graduated from Rutgers with a degree in Journalism, with honors, in 2015. Many of her classes involved her being on camera, so she knows how to work in front of it. 

OH! Did we mention she’s a yoga instructor, too? Caroline loves to practice before an event to keep her mind focused and balanced. She also loves anything outdoors and lifting related. She really is a Jill of all trades – which is why we love her so much! 

What really sets Caroline apart is her way of making everyone around her feel comfortable. Xplosive clients often report how amazing it was to have Caroline at their event–especially with kids. She has an incredible ability to emphasize your son or daughter’s personality, and helps them to break out of their shell on their big day!  

We at Xplosive guarantee you will love having Caroline on the dance floor with you and your loved ones!

Fun Facts: Caroline loves to fish and do yoga on the beach in the summer, and is currently learning to speak Italian.

Favorite Food: Cookies. Hands down cookies. Her nickname among friends is ‘The Cookie Monster’. She can’t resist them!

Favorite Genre of Music: ANYTHING! Music feeds her soul.

Hobby: Cooking, hiking, reading, writing, yoga, lifting, and learnin.g

Occupation: Treasury at Jefferies in Jersey City & Yoga Instructor.

Upcoming Events

  • Jan19 2020

    Bridgewater Manor Bridal Show Bridgewater, NJ with Xplosive Performance
  • Feb02 2020

    Battle Ground Country Club Manalapan, NJ with Xplosive performance

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