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The challenge of planning a wedding, as a whole, is enough to make any bride and groom feel overwhelmed. With so many options and enhancements available, there is a vast amount of detail to consider. This is where our boutique influenced event firm comes into the picture. Here at Xplosive, we understand the value and importance of a customized wedding experience and will structure an attentive and detail oriented celebration that won’t be forgotten.  Our modern “signature” styled approach to DJ based entertainment will ensure an event’s authenticity and originality.

From innovative ceremony ideas, all the way to a personalized musical playlist during the event, the event Ignitors at Xplosive Entertainment will work hand in hand with you to ensure visionary perfection for your big day. In a wedding world where “content is key” our firm takes a creative approach to the entertainment in realizing that each couple is different from the next. Whether you are looking for exciting simplicity or dynamic brilliance our contemporary wedding design is perfect for your celebration.

In constructing an event package with the Xplosive team there are a few steps already laid out.  First, our wedding packages are all based on a two-person team consisting of a charismatic MC and seasoned DJ.  Our MCs are versatile and trained to motivate the most exciting and enthusiastic audience, or can remain refined and sophisticated for the most traditional event style.  Our DJs are prepared with a library of over 75,000 songs in their database.  We also incorporate 4hrs of music that spans all generations to make guests of all ages feel right at home. Our options for event enhancement are specifically designed for each client’s requests.  We offer “around the clock” assistance as well as the ability to speak with your event host for the day of your celebration.   Lastly, we offer a catalog of elegant & exciting wedding day enhancements. Please take a look and see how Xplosive Entertainment can help you build and produce your perfect wedding day celebration!



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