Lighting and DJ Booth Setups

Since no two venues and no two events are the same, every time we set our gear, we customize the look to best match your goals and event’s vision.  In some cases our setups are BIG and BRIGHT, while in other our setups are more reserved.  Weddings, Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and Corporate Events all have different needs. We understand clearly that what is appropriate for a sweet 16 may not be good for a wedding (and visa-verse). As you will see from the photos below we take great pride in a clean and neat setup ensuring that wires are never visible.  The same applies for every event service we offer, so if you elect to purchase a photo booth from us, you can rest assured knowing this booth (like everything else) will be clean, neat, modern, and sleek. You will also see that most of the setup examples light up to match your event’s color scheme.  We only use equipment from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers including CROWN, JBL, PIONEER, QSC, ELATION, and MARTIN.