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There is a point in an entertainer’s career when they feel a great sense of accomplishment. Let’s not confuse this with arrogance or cockiness, but rather the feeling of pride and success. For us at Xplosive Entertainment, we have this feeling after every weekend when our management team recaps the past few events and reviews overall triumph of manufacturing smiles and happy moments for the hundreds of guests whom we touched.

This past weekend however our conversation went a bit differently. We spoke about our successes, but we specifically spoke about the pride we have for being selected by industry professionals to host events for their own families! It’s truly a humbling honor to be hired by event professionals to host and entertain for their loved ones. This past Saturday, our team hosted a bat mitzvah for the daughter of a very reputable and upscale hotel and conference center. At the same time, another team of ours was rocking a Sweet 16 as a referral for a close friend of the owner of one of NJ’s largest event rental equipment companies. The following day, we participated in a bridal show hosted by WPST radio, where Xplosive is an official partner of the station. At that bridal show, two of the “on-air” personalities were discussing their experiences with Xplosive. (One used us several years prior for his wedding while the other is counting down the weeks before her wedding). Additionally, looking around the room full of other vendors, there were two photographer friends who also had booths at the bridal show. One of these photographers, we have already hosted two mitzvah celebrations for his family. The other began discussions at the show with us for his son’s wedding (who popped the question only earlier this week).

The feeling of flattery and pride is warm and welcoming knowing that we continue to grow Xplosive Entertainment through hard work, continual training, the goal to always push the limits with trends and technology and mostly knowing that our team of staff contain some of the best performers in the private event entertainment industry. Continually being selected by event professionals doesn’t come by accident or by luck. It is the result of the above aforementioned criteria.

Some other highlights from 2017 for industry events include the very first few moments of 2017 while helping a banquet manager ring in the New Year at her wedding in Mercer County, NJ. Just a few weeks later, we were employed by an event planner for Johnson and Johnson (responsible for award winning global events) to produce her own daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The list goes on with other photographers, DJs, venue owners, banquet managers, etc. who have entrusted Xplosive Entertainment to produce, entertain and host once-in-a-lifetime events for their friends and families. We shouldn’t forget to mention the amazing destination events we are asked to do as well. MC’s Jordan Marshall and Frankie Perez have both flown to unique destinations both in and outside of the US to host events for those who see Xplosive as the right choice for their big days.

While we love our partners for their continued support and referrals, when the phone rings for an industry event, we are ecstatic knowing how we are viewed within the event industry.

This blog was written with the intention to share with our team and the event industry as a big thank you for your support, trust and passion!  We love what we do and are so glad to be able to share this passion with our industry!