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Silent Disco

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SILENT DISCO   A silent party? It’s almost an oxymoron.   Silent Disco events have been sweeping across the countries’ hottest clubs. The concept is fairly simple, but incredibly unique. Headsets are distributed to guests. These headsets have three selectable channels, (Red, Green and Blue). Each channel can have a[…]

Apples to Apples


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Comparing Apples to Apples…   Are all apples the same? Not really… some are green and some are red.  Some are healthy organics and others were cultivated with an arsenal of chemicals But… they are all apples right? So what does the expression “apples to apples” really mean?   This[…]

New Year’s Weddings with Xplosive Entertainment


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3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Xplosive Entertainment helped Samantha and Jim ring in the new year with some extra special pizzazz. 12/31/16 was thier wedding date. Samantha, a banquet manager, and Jim, a NJ state trooper, tied the knot around 3pm in the afternoon on New Years Eve at[…]

Top 7 Concerns for Backyard Parties


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After entertaining and managing upscale and lavish tented back yard parties, the last three weekends in a row, here is a list of the seven top considerations when planning a back yard event. (note, these concepts remain the same when planning a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, company event, etc). 1. Hope[…]

Band, DJ, or Hybrid

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Wedding Bands are great, but could be costly. What are your other options?   Bands vs. DJs. A conversation that every engaged couple has debated at some point or another. Some have strong opinions one way or another. Statements like… “It must be a band. It’s so traditional and elegant.”[…]

Xplosive Merger

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Xplosive Entertainment is very excited to announce another major growth spurt within the last few years. Most recently, Xplosive celebrated nine months within it’s new office at Manalapan. Since then, Xplosive has been hiring and training new talent, recruiting professionals from other companies to join our team, and of course[…]

Ten Years Of Memories – 2006 – 2016

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The Roman numeral “X” means ten. Ironically, Xplosive Entertainment’s logo is a big “X.” 2016 celebrates Xplosive’s tenth anniversary in business!!! So… what does all this mean? Well, ten years of performances means we have touched so many people. We are responsible for life-lasting memories at family’s weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs,[…]

5 Awesome Ways to Enhance your Wedding


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5 Awesome Ways to Enhance your Wedding 1. Photo Booth… while photo booths are more and more popular, be sure to explore all the options. If you are an active social media user, find a photo booth that uploads the photos to your favorite social sites. Be sure the booth[…]

#DJexpo2015 with Xplosive Entertainment.. It’s a Wrap


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As the 2015 DJ Times International DJ Expo comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the last few days which we at Xplosive Entertainment experienced in Atlantic City. To begin, the DJ Expo (for us) is an annual August ritual where we network with some of the entertainment[…]

10 Key Steps to Wedding Planning at the Jersey Shore

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photo credit:  Korbman and Company Photography 10 Key Steps to Wedding Planning at the Jersey Shore 1.    Pick your season New Jersey is a spectacular state to get married in year-round! Often when someone says they are tying the knot at the shore, the instant reaction is a summer beach[…]

Cocktail styled receptions vs Traditional Receptions

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Cocktail Styled Receptions: The New Trend!  But when is it appropriate and when does it fail? Brides, grooms, and families alike are hopping on the bandwagon of planning a “cocktail styled” reception rather than the traditional multi-coursed served meal at their formal affairs. But why? What started this trend? And[…]

Moving Office


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WE ARE MOVING!!!  That’s right… after nearly three years in our office at the “Event Center” on Rt. 79 in Marlboro, Xplosive Entertainment has outgrown our office space and moving on.  But, we are not going far.  Just up the road actually!  Our new home will be in Manalapan at[…]

DJ Kristaval


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Xplosive Entertainment, is proud to finally publicly announce it’s latest addition to the team: DJ Kristaval! Kristin, aka DJ Kristaval is no stranger to the highly demanding NJ/NY private party scene. Kristin was born and raised in New Jersey but spent most of her time in New York City. Her[…]

How to Get the Most Out of Your showcase


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For those newly engaged, or for a family planning a bar/bat mitzvah or sweet 16, you will often find vendors talking about showcases. It’s one of the most popular ways to find the right professionals for your event. These event planning shows whether referred to as showcases, expos, conventions, etc.[…]

Raising the Bar on Holiday Parties!

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It’s that time of the year to begin thinking about the holiday season. Xplosive Entertainment has a ton of new event ideas and options to make your company holiday party unique, memorable, and fun for your hard working employees! Contact us now to check date availability and discuss the many[…]

Selecting the Right Entertainment Company


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Special event planning can be daunting but there is one factor that just can’t be overlooked for your event. Even industry professionals agree party entertainment is critical. If the catering fails to live up to the tasting; the venue décor wasn’t right; or the rain washed away your plan for[…]

Memoirs of the 2014 DJ Expo


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One week ago today (Aug 20th, 2014), Atlantic City, NJ was packed to the gills with thousand’s of DJs and entertainers on a mission. But what was that mission? Was it to purchase new gear? Where they there to learn from the wide range of seminars being presented by top[…]

Movie Magic with the Slo-Motion Photo booth


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Photo booths have become all the rage for special events. There are so many to choose from that you may feel like you can’t tell the difference from one booth to the next. That’s why you may be looking for something a bit different for your own wedding, mitzvah, sweet[…]

Emcee Ringo joins the Xplosive Talent Pool!


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  In a series of GAME CHANGING NEWS for Xplosive Entertainment, today the proud announcement of JASON COBB, aka: EMCEE RINGO joining the Xplosive talent “POOL” (yes, pun intended for those who know Ringo)! Emcee Ringo is no stranger to the entertainment business. He has over twenty years professional experience[…]

Vendor Selection Blog


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What does it take to win a Championship Game?  Answer:  A solid team!  In event planning, regardless of the type of occasion you are planning (mitzvah, wedding, sweet 16, etc), finding the right team is key to success (and your sanity).  So the big questions are how do you find[…]

Seasons of Love: Jersey Shore Weddings

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Summertime beach weddings come to mind instantly when thinking about Jersey Shore weddings, however New Jersey’s wide range of venues provide an excellent array of choices for engaged couples regardless of the season. Each season brings a fresh atmosphere with a multitude of different picturesque wedding opportunities. The summer sun[…]

Photo Booth Hype

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What’s all the hype about photo booths? It seems like EVERY party, wedding, mitzvah, sweet 16, fundraiser, etc. all have one of many variations of a photo booths or photo stations. Buyer beware though… there are so many options available and these days, so many amateurs jumping on the bandwagon,[…]

A DJ Expo… Really?


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The 2013 DJ Expo has come and gone, thus we feel the compelled to share our experience with our friends, clients, and colleagues. To begin, there is always a ton of anticipation with this annual pilgrimage to Atlantic City. Days leading up to the Expo, industry professionals abuse their social[…]

Nailed it! Entertainment Done Right!


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“YOU NAILED IT!” A comment we hear day after day! Whether at a first appointment brainstorming, or after putting forth 110% energy into a performance, we always strive to hear YOU NAILED IT! As a client seeking entertainment for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you should search for an entertainment firm who[…]

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  So, you have an upcoming event (wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or sweet 16 for example) and you are ready to start interviewing entertainment companies.  Your neighbor tells you about his friend who is a local DJ just getting started.  He works from his home but is “really good and very[…]

Showcase Season is amongst us…


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  “Showcase season,” as we call it here in the biz is a busy time of the year for entertainers, venues, event planners and photographers. This is our time to “showcase” our products, highlight new options, and connect with both present and future clients. In this short blog, we want[…]

The Show Must Go On

The remnants of a roller coast sits in the surf three days after Hurricane Sandy came ashore in Seaside Heights

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It has been 30 days since the wrath of Hurricane Sandy began brutally beating on our beloved Jersey Shore region.  Life has changes for thousands.  While many are sick of talking about the aftermath and seeing article after article written about the destruction, the rebuilding process and all the political[…]

Identity Theft… not only a personal credit issue

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All too often these days we hear the term “identity theft” and stories of people who suffered from stolen social security numbers, credit cards, passports, etc. Hundreds suffer each year from these pathetic and disheartening scams. Besides these countless acts of fraud, we in the entertainment industry also suffer from[…]



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We just launched our Brand New Website with a Whole New Look! We decided it was time to update our website and we met with Dominick Colandrea, Founder of DomenicoColandrea.com, and told him we wanted something that would be User Friendly for our audience and very Social Network Friendly as[…]