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Silent Disco

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SILENT DISCO   A silent party? It’s almost an oxymoron.   Silent Disco events have been sweeping across the countries’ hottest clubs. The concept is fairly simple, but incredibly unique. Headsets are distributed to guests. These headsets have three selectable channels, (Red, Green and Blue). Each channel can have a[…]

Apples to Apples


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Comparing Apples to Apples…   Are all apples the same? Not really… some are green and some are red.  Some are healthy organics and others were cultivated with an arsenal of chemicals But… they are all apples right? So what does the expression “apples to apples” really mean?   This[…]

New Year’s Weddings with Xplosive Entertainment


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3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Xplosive Entertainment helped Samantha and Jim ring in the new year with some extra special pizzazz. 12/31/16 was thier wedding date. Samantha, a banquet manager, and Jim, a NJ state trooper, tied the knot around 3pm in the afternoon on New Years Eve at[…]

Blake’s Ski Lodge


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Après… the term used for post-skiing drinks and relaxing with your friends after a day on the slopes. Blake’s Bar Mitzvah took this Après theme to another level. (The best part was, none of the guests had to fight their way down a freezing cold, snow-covered mountain in order to[…]

Top 7 Concerns for Backyard Parties


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After entertaining and managing upscale and lavish tented back yard parties, the last three weekends in a row, here is a list of the seven top considerations when planning a back yard event. (note, these concepts remain the same when planning a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, company event, etc). 1. Hope[…]

Band, DJ, or Hybrid

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Wedding Bands are great, but could be costly. What are your other options?   Bands vs. DJs. A conversation that every engaged couple has debated at some point or another. Some have strong opinions one way or another. Statements like… “It must be a band. It’s so traditional and elegant.”[…]

Taylor in Wonderland

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Some events have a theme and other events REALLY have a theme done right! Taylor’s Sweet 16 is a prime example of taking a theme to a new heightened level. When Xplosive Entertainment was first approached by Taylor’s parents, they said the party theme would be Alice in Wonderland. At[…]

Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah Party | Played out? or Totally cool?

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Planning a party and stuck looking for a theme?  Sports (for some teens) is a simple and easy pick.  Many party hosts use a sports themed party since it’s simple. Others use sports inspired celebrations since it perfectly matches their son or daughter’s personality.  The big question that we at[…]

Xplosive Merger

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Xplosive Entertainment is very excited to announce another major growth spurt within the last few years. Most recently, Xplosive celebrated nine months within it’s new office at Manalapan. Since then, Xplosive has been hiring and training new talent, recruiting professionals from other companies to join our team, and of course[…]

Ten Years Of Memories – 2006 – 2016

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The Roman numeral “X” means ten. Ironically, Xplosive Entertainment’s logo is a big “X.” 2016 celebrates Xplosive’s tenth anniversary in business!!! So… what does all this mean? Well, ten years of performances means we have touched so many people. We are responsible for life-lasting memories at family’s weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs,[…]